Hello there.

My name is Victor Cassone. I’m a software developer here in Omaha and I run the Inside Omaha podcast.

Inside Omaha is a long-form conversational style podcast where I talk with a range of interesting people from around town. The podcast covers many different topics ranging from board games to public transit.

I started Inside Omaha because I wanted to add some depth and breadth to the conversation about Omaha and greater Nebraska. Long-form interview podcasts provide a unique opportunity to go deep on local topics that you just can’t get with a newspaper article or TV segment.

I firmly believe a strong local media ecosystem is crucial to a healthy and vibrant community. New forms of media like podcasts and Youtube videos are the norm nationally but locally we are lagging behind. This podcast is my experiment to see if these new forms of media can succeed here in Omaha.

Anywho. I hope you enjoy the podcast. If you have any questions, comments, or guest recommendations please feel free to reach at insideomahapodcast@gmail.com.