Cameron Logsdon – Omaha Comedy. The Comedy Come-up. Council Bluffs.

Cameron Logsdon is a comedy writer and a stand-up comedian.

On this episode of Inside Omaha, I caught up with Cameron Logsdon. Cameron is a local comedian based here in Omaha. It was great picking his brain about Omaha’s comedy scene. Comedy here in Omaha was something completely new to me so it was great to hear his perspectives. He has a great story and a lot of interesting insights.

As I mentioned in the intro to the podcast, I think it’s important to remember that there are many talented people here in Omaha that are trying to pursue careers in things you normally wouldn’t associate with Omaha. From the outside, Omaha isn’t considered a hub for music, stand-up, technology… etc. However, there are people in all those disciplines who are trying to make it. So try and show some support where you can.

You can check out Cameron’s Youtube Channel or see his monthly late night show at The Backline on the third Saturday of every month. You can also find him opening at the Funny Bone or on Omaha Live!