Eric Williams – Renewables in Nebraska. OPPD. Public Power.

Eric Williams serves on the OPPD Board of Directors representing Subdivision 6 and he is a Natural Resources Planner for Papio-Missouri River NRD.

On this episode of Inside Omaha, I talked with Eric Williams.

If you’re interested in clean energy or have ever wondered how the energy system works here in Nebraska, then this is the episode for you. Eric has a treasure trove of knowledge about all things energy. I feel like I could’ve asked him questions for another 2 hours and he would’ve had no problem answering.

It was really cool hearing about all the things happening over at OPPD. It seems like things are heading in the right direction. I came out of this conversation optimistic about Nebraska’s clean energy future.

This conversation also points to the importance of local elections and their impact on our daily lives. A big reason OPPD is moving towards renewables as quickly as they are is because over the last 2-3 elections the people of this region made a conscious decision to vote for clean energy candidates. This is how real change happens. It doesn’t happen by waiting 4 years for the next presidential election. *Steps down from soapbox*

For more info on the transformation of the OPPD Board, check out this article from the April edition of The Reader. To stay up to date with the OPPD board meetings, check out their YouTube Channel.

Kaleb Michaud – Spielbound. Board games. Ameritrash vs Euro.

Kaleb Michaud is a professor and researcher at UNMC and the co-founder of Spielbound Board Game Cafe.

On this episode of Inside Omaha, I talked with Kaleb Michaud. If you don’t know Kaleb, he is the board game master of Omaha (unofficially, I just made that up).

Kaleb is the co-founder of one of the most unique places in Omaha. Spielbound is a hidden gem and I’m glad it exists. Here’s why… The whole purpose of Spielbound is to bring people together. In our current day and age, there just aren’t a lot of places where that actually happens.

I also love Spielbound because I think board games are a lot of fun and more people need to play them.

If you’re new to board games, there’s something in this episode for both experienced board-gamer and total newbie. During our conversation, we get into how to start playing if you’ve never played before. So listen up for that.

Here’s the plan. Listen to this episode, grab some friends and go play board games at Spielbound.