Jason Payne – Starting Up and Running a Brewery and Distillery in Omaha. The Craft Beer Industry.

Jason Payne is the co-founder and president of Lucky Buckey Brewery and Cut Spike Distillery

On this episode, I caught up with Jason Payne. Jason is the co-founder and president of both Lucky Bucket Brewery and Cut Spike Distillery. It was great having the opportunity to pick his brain about the realities of running both these businesses.

Even if you’re not into beer or alcohol, there’s something for you to take away. Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur and has a lot of great insights on starting and running a business here in Omaha. There’s something to be learned from his story and experiences.

It was also great getting an inside look into the craft beer and spirit industry. There’s definitely been a boom over the last 10 years and Lucky Bucket has been there every step of the way. A lot of things are in flux in the industry and it’ll be interesting to see what the future looks like for craft brewers.

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