Tyler Wilson – A Deep Dive Into the Controversial Juvenile Justice Center

Tyler Wilson and I talk through everything that went down with the Juvenile Justice Center. Tyler is running for Douglas County Commissioner and is a concerned citizen. 


I’m excited to share today’s episode of Inside Omaha. This episode is centered around the controversy and drama surrounding the Juvenile Justice Center. Even though the Justice Center is (mostly) a done deal, I think this whole saga shows both the mindset of Omaha’s top politicians and also how citizens can get involved in the political process.

I believe long-form interview podcasts provide a specifically unique opportunity to fully understand local issues like the Juvenile Justice Center. There only so much info you can get from a video clip on KETV or an Omaha World-Herald article. Being able to talk through a topic with no time cap allows for a depth of information you just can’t get with other media mediums.

As I mentioned multiple times of the podcast, I think both sides of this issue have good arguments and are well-intentioned. As you’ll find, I think the biggest questions marks around this project is who exactly was involved in the planning and why was the public not involved in the process. This construction project raises questions about the role of local government and it’s citizens.

I found this conversation really interesting and think there’s a lot in here even if you haven’t been following the project. It was great talking with Tyler and to hear his thoughts and opinions about the project.

As always, you can reach out to me at insideomahapodcast@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your feedback or recommendations for future guests. Enjoy!